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Conditions Treatable With Laser Therapy

Over 300+ conditions can be treated with Laser Therapy, all without the use of traditional drugs. This means no side-effects or dangers associated with medications such as drug addictions or the drugs being ingested by other pets in the family.

Laser-Puncture is acupuncture without needles. Treatment times range from 15 seconds to 2 minutes per point! This is FAST compared to 20 to 40 minutes when using needles. Pain-free and fast acupuncture treatments are now possible with the integration of this high-tech medical device.

There are over 300+ conditions that can be treated with Laser Therapy & Laser-puncture. Some of these conditions are: arthritis, ear infections, hot spots, back pain, degenerative joint disease, gingivitis, skin disorders, allergies, cat fights, dog fights, abscesses, anal sacculitis, lymphatic drainage, burns, healing broken bones, trauma, knee pain, shortened stride, laminitis, soft tissue injuries, cuts, splinters, wounds, snake bites, and so much more!


Pinky is being lasered through the cheek to help heal her ulcerative mouth lesions. Laser also helps to reduce dental pain. Pinky loves her treatment and often presses her entire cheek firmly agains the laser.


Ginger can recover twice as fast after her surgery with Laser Therapy. Often times, surgery can be delayed in painful hip joints by managing the pain. Ginger is also seen wearing the "GingerLead" device to aid in mobility after surgery.


Bite wounds can heal in half the time. Laser Therapy is an ideal way to reduce pain and accelerate healing in all exotic animal species. No sedation or drug use is necessary to provide them some relief.

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