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Laser Therapy & Laser Acupuncture Products For Rent or Sale

You can choose from a wide range of Lasers (17) from several manufacturers (7) to suit a variety of budgets. Our most popular products are shown below. Please call or email us for more information on products, current promotions, and custom options. Personal demonstrations are available in limited areas and at every major veterinary conference.

Pictured below are our two most popular models. They are both cordless and rechargeable. The TQ Solo (discontinued older model) or RMPL lasts for 15 hours on a full charge and the ACTIVet will last for 8 hours on a full charge.

We also carry the new PRO model for veterinarians only! It packs a powerful 50 Watts of Super Pulsed peak power and 800% more blue light than the Activet to fight bacteria and MRSA!  

Console units are also available for clinicians and offers a variety of interchangeable heads including our new Laser-stim. The console units range from $10,995 to $45,795 depending on your custom options. 


At-home consumer model. FDA Cleared for Over-The-Counter use. 15 Watts (15,000 mW) of Super Pulsed Peak Power. Three programs. Automatic 5 minute timer. Rental units are available at $300 a week with a minimum rental of 4 weeks (actual laser may differ from picture). This model has been discontinued and parts to repair may become scarce). We recommend the newer rMPL that has replaced this human model.


Hospital model. 25 Watts (25,000 mW) of Super Pulsed Peak Power. Strong enough to treat elephants yet gentle enough for kitty cats. Six programs enough to manage 300+ conditions. Includes the Blue Light Radiance that kills bacteria & MRSA. Timer can be set to 2 minutes, 5 minutes or 10 minutes.


Optional set of 4 probes enables you to perform Laser-puncture. The set will include 4 probes and a carry case. It will not include the laser as pictured to the left. Fast treatment times of 15 seconds per point


Model 14-4 Accuall has 3 ports for attachment to acupuncture needles to perform electro-acupuncture stimulation. 8 Nogier frequencies to choose from including Tonifying (Stimulatory) and Sedating (Inhibitory) modes. Digital circuitry provides reliable stimulation. 1 year warranty. Made in the USA.


My favorite lacer LED device for treating corneal ulcers and other eye related diseases. The LED device is my tool of choice when treating the eyes safely.


Built-in acupuncture point finder (works only on humans) makes this laser perfect for beginner acupuncturist who are still unfamiliar with locating points. Makes it easy to self laser acupuncture yourself as the machine can find the points that you cannot see along your back or auricular points. Comes with three books for humans, small animals and equine. Made in Germany.

I have show specials on all the lasers so please contact me for the current prices.

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