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Why Purchase From Dr. Youkey?

"Purchasing a therapy laser can be quite the ordeal, given the gauntlet of companies and their sales representatives one must run into in the exhibition hall of a major conference. After two exhausting days of making the rounds at the Western Veterinary Conference this year, I finally came to rest at the Multi Radiance Medical booth and with Dr. Youkey to welcome me; I knew I was home. Not only was their laser the most practical and affordable for my practice, but the kind guidance, expertise and pledge of continuing support made me feel very comfortable about this major purchase. Dr. Youkey has been a teacher, a mentor and now a friend, always available to answer any questions or concerns and selflessly giving of her time and personal experience through telephone conversations, email communications as well as sharing all her "recipes" and research through the DropBox application. She is a sweet, effervescent gem, who you can always depend on."

Steven A. Gottschalk, DVM Animal Housecall Service Sarasota, Florida

"Best investment I ever made is my laser, best bonus is 

Dr. Youkey! She is always available, incredibly helpful and knowledgeable about the laser and its applications and genuinely interested in you and your success with the laser. She is an amazing support system and we are so lucky to have her as a resource! "

Monika Dietze, DVM Mobile Veterinary Service, Virginia

"The Activet has been a very well worth while purchase, but to me the best part of the deal is having Dr. Youkey and her profound knowledge be literally "at my fingertips". One e-mail or phone call, and one is certain to get a response that is not only timely and highly informative, but clearly rooted in her deeply personal interest to further the well being of any individual that can benefit from this highly sophisticated technology. Dr. Youkey truly takes "above and beyond" to new levels through her dedicated service."

Ella Bittel DVM CVA Buellton Veterinary Clinic, California

"Dr Youkey has been a pleasure to know from the moment I met her. She is truly a great salesperson, but more impressive is her depth of knowledge regarding phototherapy and lasers on the market. She helped me weed through the choices and find a great product. Most importantly, anytime I have had questions, she is there to help and wow does she reply fast!!!! There is a lot of learning that takes place after the purchase of a laser and she has been right there to help when needed."

Holly Smith, DVM CVA S & S Farms, Kansas

"I was referred to 

Dr. Youkey from another company to help me solve a laser issue. She stepped up and immediately worked with me to find a solution to my problem. Dr. Youkey took the time to carefully explain exactly what I needed to do to get the best results. I always have questions and I am always emailing. She responds quickly and with a clear explanation for me. I highly recommend Dr. Youkey if you are considering buying a laser. She will be there for you before and after the sale of the laser so you are not overwhelmed. I trust her professionalism and she has a code of ethics that is beyond reproach."

Susan Paddock

"Dr. Youkey is like a walking encyclopedia. Every question is answered thoroughly and thoughtfully. I enjoy learning what's new in the world of LLLT from Youkey. She is so knowledgable and dedicated. She is always helpful and enthusiastic. And the best thing about Youkey is that she was right! These little handheld lasers really do work and my patients really do benefit from them!"

Jennifer Conrad, DVM CVA The Paw Project, California

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