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Services Offered

VIP Veterinary Concierge Membership

We offer two membership plans for veterinary concierge services:

Plan 1) Email and text questions about your pet. Plan 1 allows for one pet and up to 5 contacts per month. $49 /month membership.

Plan 2) Email and text questions about your pet(s) Plan 2 allows for unlimited number of pets in the family and unlimited email and text contacts per month. $99 / month membership.

Members also have access to discounted medications!

Disclaimer: This membership plan is not meant to substitute for yearly exams by your veterinarian and not for diagnosing conditions. This is a supplemental program in addition to your veterinarian. You can access a vet 24/7 every day and even on holidays with any general questions.

Laser Lectures

Private lectures available for groups of 15 or more. Lectures on Laser Therapy, Laser Acupuncture, Myths Exposed and How to Choose Your Laser are available nationwide.  

Laser Rental & Sales

TQ Solo or RMPL's are available for rent at $300 /week. Minimum of a month rental which is $1200 a month. Please check with your pet insurance company to see if they cover laser therapy treatments.

We have over 19 different lasers for sale from 7 companies to purchase. Lasers start at $2995.

Laser Therapy & Laser Acupuncture Service

Veterinary Laser Therapy & Laser Acupuncture Service is available in the comfort of your home. We service both Southern California and Colorado. All animals including exotic pets can be treated. Multiple animal discount in the same household.

$50 - $250 trip charge depending on distance and time

$80 examination

$50 per area lasered or laser acupunctured. E.g; Hot spot ($50), Ear

infection (+$50), Hip arthritis (+50).

On-Set Veterinarian

Be in compliance when shooting a movie, short, music video or commercial when there is an animal on-set. 34 Years of experience and also an Accredited Veterinarian. Dr. Youkey can provide the necessary documents and ensure the safety of both the people and animals during the shoot. National and International shoot locations. 1/2 day and Full day shoots.

On-Line Pharmacy

Convenient home delivery of over 5000 ptoducts.

or click on the image on our On Line Pharmacy page.

Members will receive discounted prices.

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